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Distribution Lines

CP Power has designed, constructed and maintained thousands of miles of overhead and underground distribution line projects for a diverse range of clients and has worked in a variety of energized and de-energized project conditions.

The company has several long-term and well established performance partnerships with a variety of clients to perform distribution line construction and maintenance services. These collaborative relationships comprise fully-integrated teams with members consisting of key personnel from both the client’s and contractor’s project management staff.

Primary benefits of performance partnerships include the fostering and achievement of common goals, improved decision-making, reduced costs and increases in production and efficiency.

Transmission Lines

CP Power has constructed transmission projects for public and private clients. The company has the experience to handle all aspects of the process from material procurement, structure erection, wire stringing and overall project management.

The company has experience installing concrete, steel pole and steel lattice structures. We construct steel lattice towers and tubular steel poles using both direct embedment and steel reinforced concrete caissons in a wide variety of soil conditions.

While maintaining strong relationships with landowners and respecting and addressing environmental concerns on right-of-ways, we have completed projects in some of the most challenging conditions. From farmland to mountains, in solid rock or crossing bays, on flat sandy soil or on steep rocky inclines, we get the job done.

Power Substations

CP Power has constructed hundreds of high-voltage substations, switch stations and interconnect stations ranging from 34.5kV to 500kV for public and private clients, and is skilled in performing substation work under engineer-procure-construct (EPC) methods of project delivery. We’ve also constructed Static Var Compensation Stations and stations requiring sophisticated Dynamic Var Systems and Capacitor Bank Systems. 

In addition to construction, we offer complete turnkey services including project management support, material procurement and management, quality assurance / quality control, testing / commissioning and final job close-out.

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